Monday, June 21, 2010

What your email address says about you

 1- Own domain 

  • Good chance of being skilled and capable.
  • May be even a programmer or designer  .

  • Most likely knows their way around a computer.
  • When the internet stops actually tries rebooting the router before calling a family member for help.

  • Uses a Compaq.
  • Still have issues with spy ware
  • Still thinks that MySpace is hip.

  • Usually types in all in Caps lock.
  • Sends you e-mail chain letters saying that Bill gate will eat your drive unless forward this message to everyone you know.

  • Before asking for computer help, still thinks it ‘s funny to say “I ‘m computer illiterate LOL”.
  • Calls you on the phone to tell you about a neat website they’ve discovered then says into the receiver “okay go to

  • prints out e-mails and brings them over to your house

I HOPE YOU LIKE !!!!!!!!!!!


Nairuz said...

i am pretty much mixture of three services.Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail .i have an account in very serivce

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