Thursday, May 13, 2010

The ten most spectacular waterfalls in the world

Waterfalls are certainly one of the many wonders of attractive and frightening to give us God. It is, in fact, a scene shows the power and greatness of the Creator, there are many beautiful and stunning waterfalls in the world, but in this list we will only natural waterfalls.

10- Huangguoshu Falls  - China 

Is the most famous waterfalls China has undisputed. Where that what distinguishes it is surrounded by dense green trees, and what is so impressive about this waterfall, which is currently up to 81 meters and 74 meters high and is allegedly one of the largest waterfalls Asia.

9 -Angel Falls  - Venezuela

One of the highest waterfalls on earth where height of up to 979 meters

8-Yosemite Falls  - United States of America

Another scene from the very cool and amazing high, rising up to this waterfall 739 meters and much like his Venezuelan counterpart.

7 -Jlphus Falls Gullfoss - Iceland

Relation to the size of Iceland it contains cascades in the magic and beauty with a height of 32 meters.

6-Shoshone Falls  - United States of America 

The height of this waterfall 64 meters and 274 meters introduced.

5 -Jog Falls  - India

Shimoga is located in the southern state of Karnataka, India, with an elevation of 273 meters to 472 meters and offer increased strength of this waterfall during the monsoon.

4- Falls Detyvos Dettifoss - Iceland 

Of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe a height of 100 meters.

 3- Victoria Falls  - Zambia / Zimbabwe 

A width of 1700 meters and a height of 104 meters and is the largest waterfall on earth in terms of area of water falling. This is called the waterfall locally as Musa - UA - Tanya, which means smoke thunders. And forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

2-Niagara Falls -  Canada / United States of America

And this is the most famous waterfall in the world, with a height of 53 meters and forms the border between the United States of America and Canada.

1- Iguazu Falls -Argentina /Brazil 

Called or the Cascades, where is this waterfall as a symbol of the beauty of nature and a symbol owes and power and Shoumoukh and what distinguishes this waterfall terrible fit on a series of waterfalls on top of each other, where the height of each of them between 82 meters to 64 meters. And is this waterfall border between Argentina and Brazil.


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